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If you're like most Americans, you probably have received a speeding ticket in the past five years. You might worry that after receiving a ticket your insurance company will raise your rates, but it's simply not true. 78% of drivers who got a driving ticket are not paying more for auto insurance.


Insurance rates will vary depending on where you may be looking. If you live in a city, you likely will pay more than a suburb because your risk of getting in an accident is greater due to more traffic. Consider looking beyond where you live to get better rates.
Switching Providers Almost Always Saves You
A recent study shows that 57% of households don't realize that they can change auto insurance providers at ANY time. 25% believe they have to wait for the next renewal period, while 32% just plain don't know. Why does this matter? Because drivers who shop for multiple quotes online can find policies that save them up to 50%! In 2014, 90% of drivers who switched policies saved money doing so, and the average savings was $200.
Saving money on insurance: What you need to know
Smart shoppers are discovering that they can save more money by comparing automobile insurance online before committing to a coverage provider. Whether you're the type of person who makes quick decisions about car insurance or someone who wants to know as much as possible before making the important purchase, our site can meet your needs. After Completing a Simple Form, our sophisticated technology can help find the lowest insurance policies in your area from our large network of carriers.
Get Free Auto Insurance Quotes Now